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Printer Preventative Maintenance

After computers, printers usually are the workhorses of an office. And because they are a shared resource with many users, they are prone to breakdowns. Regular maintenance visits keep printers running smoothly.

Printer maintenance details:

  • Provide needed internal cleaning.
  • Check Paper Tray for potential obstructions and make adjustments.
  • Perform full-function tests and adjust internal components if needed.
  • Install maintenance kit when required. (Kit extra.)
  • Perform network verification, if needed:
    • o IP Check to assure continuity
    • Check Shared Resources for maximizing efficiency and speed
    • Check mapped printers and make requested adjustments
    • Update any necessary network printer hardware drivers to most current configurations

Terms and Conditions:

  • An adult over the age of 18 must be present while technician is on-site.
  • Computers, printers and servers must be easily accessible at time of appointment.
  • Changes in appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance by calling 787-402-8221.
  • reserves the right to rearrange or cancel appointments but will make every effort to accommodate customer's first choice of date and time.
  • Additional charges may apply for Microsoft Windows® 98 or Apple operating systems.
  • Parts and software purchased for repair are subject to their individual warranty as applied by the manufacturer.
  • Hardware or peripherals to be installed or upgraded must meet or exceed the manufacturer's minimum requirements for the computer configuration.
  • guarantees the workmanship of the requested service for seven days following the date the service was performed. Subsequent reconfiguration or changes and modifications to the computers or products serviced void the labor warranty.
  • Standard services delivery is considered in all designated market locations. However, we deliver to most states in the U.S. Call 787-402-8221 to confirm service delivery to your location.
  • Service labor offers must be prepaid.


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